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Coimbatore the busy industrial city in South India, Tamilnadu is also called the Manchester of the East, has valid reasons to be called so. It is well known for its textile and engineering goods manufacture since the pre-independence era. The ideal climate here was found to be favorable for textile yarn spinning and weaving.

Real Factory's Story

The steady demand for replacement spares and parts has indeed induced the growth of many ancillary units for production of textile machinery spares. And the parallel growth in the retail sector to meet the needs of other industries like foundry, motors, pumps, auto spares apart from the textile industry in Coimbatore.

Fine transmission under the leadership of its founder Mr. K. Selvaraj and its managing partner Mr. R.Laxmanan have embarked in this vast potential sector to make a mark through their impeccable service and sales of quality textile spares and transmission goods. Currently, they have under their fold some of the leading brands under the different categories to cater their existing client base and ever increasing new clients in and around Coimbatore.

Quality Policy

Fine Transmission products are known for their high quality, durability, and reliability. 

Research and Development

We strive to continuously improve the standards of the machines through continuous Research & Development.

Vision and Mission

The Power Now at Fine Transmission is the dynamic of making opportunities work as by meeting clients’ tough specifications of cost competitiveness, quality, and reliability.


The products dealt by Fine Transmission and Textile suppliers include pneumatic items, conveyer belts, industrial chains, brakes, clutches, bearings, timers, digital textile counters and various other related spare parts. Their long presence in sales and service of textile spares has facilitated this company to romp in some of the leading players in the textile industry and this has enabled them to establish in this competitive trade in a steadfast manner.

Material Productions90%
Customer Satisfaction99%
Utilization Rate97%

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